Perch Group to assist staff with the cost of living crisis

Published 23rd November 2022

Perch Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing credit and asset management companies, has announced it’s giving its workers a cost of living support payment.

Perch Group, based in Blackpool, has committed to awarding employees with £300 of vouchers, to assist with the cost of living crisis.

The payment will be made in £100 increments in December, January & February, to provide support at a time of economic uncertainty and rising energy costs.

Commenting on the payment, Craig Hinchliffe, CEO said, “At Perch we treat our employees as our family, acting as an employer who cares, we recognise that right now if we can help, we should and we will. We continue to provide wide ranging benefits to all employees including access to our on-site counselling service. We are cognisant of the current climate and its impact on everyone’s ability to provide for themselves and their loved ones, this is why we have made the decision to get £300 of real value into the hands of every employee regardless of circumstance.”

“The Government continues to address the cost-of-living crisis, but with pressure still mounting, we’re pleased to be able to offer some tangible support to our people now.”