Why we're great
Perch Group’s mission is to provide comprehensive debt purchase and collection services

We strive to empower individuals to responsibly resolve their financial obligations.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and compassion in all our interactions. Through innovative strategies and technology, we maximise recoveries for our clients, ensuring their success and the financial well-being of those we serve.

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Commitment to quality: ISO9001 & ISO27001 certification

Our adherence to excellence in debt purchase and recovery services is ISO certified.

MBO and financial boost: £25M junior debt facility

A transformative MBO supported by Quilam Capital, infusing £25M to supercharge our path forward.

Excellence recognised: CSA team of the year

ACI’s Specialist Support Teams clinched the prestigious Team of the Year award at the CSA.

Employee growth: organic growth: surpassing targets

Our team soared beyond 120 employees, marking a milestone in Perch Group’s growth journey.

New headquarters: space for innovation

Perch’s move to Whitehills Business Park marked a new chapter in a state-of-the-art 150 seat office.

Perch Capital's financial leap: £25M senior debt line

Launched a £25M senior debt line to fuel our growth and propel our financial reach.

2018 (July)
TM Legal Services' SRA authorization: expanding horizons

TM Legal Services earned SRA authorization, enhancing our service to third-party clients.

2018 (May)
Formation of Perch Group: uniting strengths

Perch Group emerged, integrating ACI-UK and TM Legal Services into one formidable force.

ACI-UK acquisition and strategic relocation

With FCA’s endorsement, ACI-UK joined us, moving from Glasgow to Blackpool, expanding our capabilities.

Foundation of TM Legal Services: a new dawn in debt recovery

Originated in Blackpool, TM Legal Services established its name in the debt recovery sector.

Our values

We are driven by a profound passion for what we do. Our dedication extends beyond the bottom line, fueled by a passion for meaningful impact.


We understand the profound effect our efforts can have on individuals, businesses, and the environment. Our passion drives us to go beyond the expected, sparking positive change wherever we go.

We excel at being attentive listeners and lifelong learners, valuing every opportunity to grow and improve.


We adapt swiftly, fine-tuning our approach to suit the unique needs of each person and situation. Our compassionate and empathetic communication ensures we connect deeply, fostering trust and ultimately achieving great outcomes for all.

We hold ourselves accountable to act with honesty and integrity in everything we do. Our commitment to doing what’s right extends to our people, customers, and clients.


We champion inclusivity and diversity, ensuring fairness and respect in our interactions. Through responsible actions, we build a culture of trust and collaboration.

Agility is our secret weapon. We embrace change, swiftly adapting to new challenges and opportunities, staying ahead of the curve to provide dynamic, flexible solutions.


Our entrepreneurial mindset fuels creativity and innovation, encouraging bold ideas and calculated risks. We’re always ready to explore uncharted territories in pursuit of success and growth.

We believe in the power of hard work and unity. Success, we know, is achieved through collective effort, and we celebrate the strength of our togetherness.


Hard work is our foundation, and team spirit is our backbone. We stand by each other, supporting, encouraging, and celebrating victories together. As one cohesive unit, we conquer challenges and strive for excellence.

At Perch Group, our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is at the core

We recognise that our responsibilities extend beyond financial services, encompassing the well-being of our environment, the prosperity of our communities, and the integrity of our governance.


We are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices, reducing our environmental footprint, and fostering a workplace that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our governance policies reflect our steadfast commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of our business. Perch Group is not just about resolving debts; we’re about building a sustainable future and positively impacting society while maintaining the highest standards of corporate stewardship.

Leadership team
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Craig Hinchliffe
Chief executive officer
Andrew Bartle
Chief Commercial Officer
Gary Edwards
chief information officer
Simon Unsworth
Chief Customer & Risk Officer
Max Houghton
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Pickup
Chief Financial Officer
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